Stuart Graham Trethewey
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  • Experience designing mobile and tablet applications over key platforms, including iPhone, iPad, Android,  Blackberry, Windows Phone 7, Mobile Internet sites and Smart TV.
  • Very experienced at designing innovative concepts, prototypes and visual guidelines.  Strong understanding of mobile user experience, with particular understanding of touch interfaces and designing for multiple screen resolutions.
  • Design Lead on numerous large scale websites for many well known and diverse clients.  Sound experience designing responsive sites.
  • Firm understanding of usability constraints and how site designs should be reflected.
  • Adobe Flash skills with a sound understanding of actionscript to a design level.
  • Dynamic graphic design ability with a vast knowledge of the major design software suites. Print design experience includes projects ranging from concept branding to larger scale work .
  • Experience working with Information Architects in designing wireframes and writing functional specification documentation.
  • Solid understanding of designing for specific server technologies.
  • Experience managing a design team, mentoring designers, creating objectives and performing appraisals.
  • Fluent in all major software packages related to digital design and UX.

Employment History


Expedia (
August 2012 – Present
Freelance Senior Mobile Designer

Presently working for designing over a wide array of platforms on their many mobile applications. Specifically responsible for the design of IOS applications.  My work involves liasing with many different departments from Product, Technology, UX and reporting back to the companies various stakeholders.

Current project is the redesign of the core IOS app which is a substantial piece of work for which I’m design lead. Project involves maintaining design standards and providing a great experience for an app that used by millions of users worldwide through many different  and diverse points of sale.

Perform Group
April 2011 – August 2012
Lead Mobile Designer

 Responsible for the design of smart phone and tablet applications over key platforms, including iPhone, iPad, Android,  Blackberry, Windows Phone 7, Mobile Internet sites and Smart TV.  I’ve a strong understanding of mobile user experience, with particular understanding of touch interfaces and designing for multiple screen resolutions.  Experience managing a team designers. This includes organising the design workflow and specific employee objectives.

The role involved designing new innovative concepts, wirefames, prototypes and visual guidelines for sports based clients. Designed applications for a wide array of clients including many Premiership and lower league football clubs, ATP Tennis, The Aljazeera Sports Network,, Rugby World Cup and many more.

Perform Group
September 2008 – April 2011
Senior Designer

My primary role was to find design solutions to major design projects provided via new and existing accounts. I’m also work with junior and mid level designers on projects, providing them with instruction and guidance when needed.

Perform deal with mainly sports based clients so the majority of my work was in this arena. I worked with a wide variety of clients, including Chelsea FC, Sunderland FC, Premiership Rugby, The Football League, Al Jazeera Sports network, WTA, ATP, Cricket Australia, Real Madrid and many others.

I worked closely with Information Architects devising designs, focusing on user journeys and site layouts. Vast experience designing and working with wireframes and functional specification documents. My role forced me to always be up to date with current web technologies and best web practices, always trying to challenge the technical team with innovative solutions.

July 2008 – August 2008
Contract Designer

Was contracted in to design the website for Cornhill Direct Business. Role involved all aspects of UX process including sitemaps, wireframes and functional documentation. I was then responsible for outputting the design. Project was completed on time and within specifications.

October 2007 – June 2008
Senior Designer

My role at Jetplace was that of Senior Designer. Jet place is an Internet firm that owns two of Australia’s largest dating websites, those being and During my 9 months in this position my main task was to redesign the two sites mentioned.

 The main focus was toward as this site generates massive amounts of traffic. Both re-designed proved highly successful for the company. I was also responsible for offline work such as display stands for various shows and exhibitions.
(November 2002 – August 2007)
Senior Designer

I was the senior designer located at the head office in Perth. My job was a diverse role that co-ordinated many tasks. My chief responsibility was to design and maintain all aspects of’s online and offline brand, which involved being the design lead on all campaigns.

I was all so responsible for designing new aspects of the brand online as well as various multimedia projects and viral campaigns.  I was responsible for all design output which included overseeing other designers within the company.
December 2001 – April 2002
Contract Flash Designer

Contracted for four months on three separate sites for London based design firm

 The majority of my time was spent working on, which was a subsidiary of EMI Records. The site was designed to promote the stature of the company within the industry and build a strong fan base by enticing the users to return on a regular basis.

 Due to the competitive market a visually strong and highly interactive site was needed. The site was successful and won the 2003 ‘Flash in the Can’ award for best Audio Site.  The other two sites were for London based F&G DJ Management .

eMarketing Limited

September 1999 – May 2001
Lead designer

Designed Internet sites for clients on a number of varying projects. Position involved all areas of design from initial ideas to overseeing site development.

Experience includes leading design responsibility for project, which included conceptualising designs, presenting to clients at board level, design lead for pitch presentations, instructing other members of team on design issues, overseeing cutting up and compression of graphics for internet use.

Worked as Lead designer for clients such as ABN AMRO, Financial Times UK, TCA Consulting, Heavy Construction Clothing, The Fabulous Bakin Boys plus numerous other businesses.


May 1999 – July 1999
Multimedia Designer

Maintained PROSPERS’ Intranet and Internet sites. Designed advertisements for print, both external and internal. Worked for PROSPERS’ Marketing team to achieve team goals and objectives.

Educational qualifications
Central Metropolitan College of TAFE.
Diploma of Technology

Employment referees
Available on request.

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