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Vodafone Call+

Freedom to communicate with more than just words.Vodafone Call+ is an extension of phone calls for Vodafone customers that bring you a whole new calling experience. Personalise your calls and let people know why youre getting in touch before they answer: you can add importance, a subject, your current location and any photo. Quickly add a video to your call without hanging up. Seamlessly share a photo, location, contact or text while in the call.

Call+ Android

My role was of Lead designer on the product. Call+ became the default calling software shipping on Vodafone branded devices (phones made by Vodafone). These devices were very popular in emerging markets as aletnatives to more higher end smartphones. The app launched in multiple worldwide markets and offered more features than standard phone calling software.

Call+ iOS

The app proved to be popular with users so it was ported over to iOS and could be installed as an alternative to the native IOS calling software. Lead designer on the project.