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Set up your smart devices and manage your price plans all in one place with the V by Vodafone app. V-App allowed users to set up and manage their IOT devices from a central app giving them control over device status, updates, my account and billing details. I was a key member of the design setup and Lead designer on two of the initial apps (V-Auto & V-SOS Band). I was on the the project from its inception until the product launch. The team developed the overall brand for V by Vodafone and set up the design system to use over the product suite. This was a project based in the UK and Germany and targeted multiple global markets for release. 






V-App (v2)

The new version of V-App was a proposal submitted to key stakeholders to showcase the potential and possible direction that V-App could take. Ideas focused around a dashboard that was much more visual and surfaced the information most important to the user. The product was more map based and wanted to use the varius prodcuts togther more. It also featured the ability to automate routines so the user could set up IFTTT statements that would prompt notifications. You could also access a store and add services as add ons to your package. This proposal has since evolved into the product it is today, Vodafone Smart. 


I was Lead designer on this product and worked with external dev teams in bringing it to life. Featured a device that would install into most cars and provide trip data. The process involved a onboarding process that had to work with various models and conform to regulations in multiple markets. A bit about V-Auto… V-Auto transforms your everyday car into a smart car. With a whole suite of features like Auto SOS, Find my car and so much more, you can have confidence that you and your loved ones are safe when on the roads.  Auto SOS detects if there has been a serious collision and will notify assistance.

V-SOS Band

V-SOS Band  is a wrist band that allows the user to keep track and monitor the wellbeing of loved ones. When the family member is wearing the device the user of the app can recieve alerts if help is needed or it detects if they have fallen. It provides peace of mind to family members. My role was lead UI designer and was in charge of the design and the build making sure it was inline with the Vodafone IOT design system and interaction patterns.

Vodafone e-shop

Designed the e-shop layout for the hub on the Vodafone site. It housed the point to purchase Smart Home and Mobile products. Worked on the hub page and the payment journey and shopping cart.